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From Twitter 03-31-2011

  • 01:57:44: @KelseyFireheart Couple of shows back RR contest asked for stuff we'd like to see in-game, Fishing was winning idea.
  • 02:00:06: @tdeathgem Reaver = Wraith/Hydra mix with Hydra card, looks like Malistaire's undead wizard minions in brown w/green trim.
  • 02:00:31: RT @damnyouac: Damn You Autocorrect: The Book is now available! 100th person to RT this gets a free copy!
  • 02:04:29: Training 2nd gen Tempest tonight (Jellyfish mix), got Deathblade and Death Proof so far. Still hoping for Pips & Spritely.
  • 02:29:09: Seriously fighting urge to go ITS and rearrange all my gardens for maximum yield. Good night #twizards!
  • 02:55:33: CSI / Harry Potter mashup
  • 02:57:01: @WtTigerKnight Probably a temporary outage for maintenance, it's the middle of the night East Coast time
  • 03:03:48: Perpetual insomnia's a lot worse than usual tonight, just realized I have to get up for work in 4 hours. This can't be good.
  • 10:29:03: @PaigeMoonShade I broke down & got an iced mocha latte from the gas station this morning, won't be doing that again. Can't taste chocolate.
  • 10:29:30: RT @spiritcaller: Rules for the Ravenwood Radio mount week Hide-and-Seek contest are up on the RR forums at :)
  • 10:36:12: @Yuki12465 I like Starbucks' frapuccinos, sadly the only one on the way to work doesn't have drive-thru.
  • 10:37:29: I suspect they ran out of iced mocha latte mix & refilled it with plain one.
  • 10:40:27: Wonder if sweetener might help? *tries* Eh, not great, but better bordering on tolerable. I'm desperate, 4 hours' sleep thx to RR afterparty
  • 10:42:40: (thx again Kelsey & Christina F) ... and the after-after party gardening, and exploring max gardening strategies on Central, and it was 3am.
  • 10:45:06: @PaigeMoonShade Lots of insomnia issues, may as well spend it ITS. Worked 3rd shift 13+ yrs, 5 yr later I'm still not sleepy before midnight
  • 11:25:50: Wonder if Rebecca Black's "Friday" will replace "Working For the Weekend" as radio & TV's official TGIF theme song some day?
  • 12:15:01: @BlanchardAuthor New Wonder Woman> I liked the latex/shiny pants better, these look like stirrup pants from the 80s.
  • 12:15:54: RT @Syfy: Retweet this by 5pmPT on 4/5 for a chance to win an awesome #Marcel's Quantum Kitchen kit.
  • 12:36:49: Anybody know if Cincinnati Reds or Chicago Cubs are simulcasting #openingday games online & where? Would love to listen at work.
  • 12:46:07: @FallonStormWiz has audio for some games, but looks like it's a pay service :(
  • 13:00:36: @FallonStormWiz WLW radio in Cincinnati has a Listen Live link, so maybe there?
  • 13:15:32: @FallonStormWiz Went to a few games w/dad back in Big Red Machine heyday (grew up in Dayton OH). Wanted to be Johnny Bench when I grew up.
  • 13:17:03: @FinandQuinn Looks like all the official fansites are running contests to win permanent mounts this next week or so.
  • 14:23:02: @PaigeMoonShade Pancakes?! Aaahhh!!! *runs away* (Dad made me sick of pancakes as a kid, only thing he knew how to cook I think.)
  • 17:10:19: Where do I get / craft CL power orbs for Malestorm Snapdragons? And Krok Insect Tablet is in Tomb of Beguiler somewhere?

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