Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 04-01-2011

  • 11:01:29: @FNHumor Guy's RITZ recipe looks like an April Fool's prank, but knowing him & FN he's probably serious
  • 11:06:40: W101 Countdown had Apr. 1st at 10:15am as its target time (hard-coded into the page) but didn't allow for time zones. 10:15CDT = 9 min left.
  • 11:10:46: @FriendlyNecro What's the price? I've only got a few Crowns, been saving them for stitching.
  • 11:18:03: 2900 Crowns is way out of my league, I've only got around 560. :( Wonder if Rocks hatch true or if they change like other Promo pets do?
  • 11:20:59: It'll be interesting to see how the Pet Rock's #petnome shapes up. What school is that little guy anyway?
  • 12:07:01: Pet Rock trainers please stop by and Submit your pet's talents thru the official form so we don't lose track thx
  • 12:38:22: Somebody please tell corp IT that taking our time clock system down for updates on payroll day is NOT a good April Fools' gag. grrr...
  • 12:53:21: @aaronlightwalk Play whatever training games you enjoy, feed a snack after each game for extra points. (I grow Prickly Bears for snacks.)
  • 13:11:10: @aaronlightwalk The Health Gift talent gives you extra health, just like gear w/ red globe icon does.
  • 14:59:01: Tired of repairing cascading errors, I wish to heck it was all just one big April Fool's prank. Work's frustrating nearly to tears - again.
  • 15:01:04: @kevbattleblood Pet Egg + Starlight Pony = Sunny Side Up #theorycraft
  • 15:19:13: @NathanFillion No Castle? Hoping this one's an April Fool's prank.
  • 17:20:07: @Deathshard Now there's an idea - a pet Moodah! Or maybe a little pet Samoorai...
  • 17:29:06: RT @Syfy: Remember there's a NEW #Merlin on Syfy tonight. Enjoy!
  • 17:37:41: @AmberTheSavior From Ravenwood News: Survey takers "...will receive a credit of 1000 Crowns to their account on or about April 15 2011.
  • 17:41:18: Eventually I'd like to hatch up a Pet Rock with Taunt, Spritely, Spell-Defy and Spell-proof. Ultimate Ice Tanking Buddy.
  • 17:45:54: @JordanSeaWiz No clue if Rock's got Defy or not, my Defender Pig already has Defy/Spritely so I was thinking to get thru hatching.
  • 18:02:20: Gotta stay focused if I ever want to finish work & go home, so logging out 'til later. PLOX!

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