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Star Songs

April 5th, 2011

From Twitter 04-04-2011 @ 03:18 am

  • 02:17:10: @icywiz 2 Danger Hounds to be guaranteed a Ghost Hound, anything w/one Danger gives you 50/50 chance of Ghost or other parent
  • 12:16:15: @PaigeMoonShade I could use a Celestian orb, any idea how much they are?
  • 12:17:15: Pet Egg wanted: have several hybrids to hatch w/it or spritely/proof or spritely/defy Defender pigs
  • 12:17:52: Adult hybrids: Ice Hound, Tempest, Reaver, Woodland Haunter, Cerberus
  • 12:51:38: Also looking for a Pet Rock and/or Nightmare
  • 12:56:44: Upgraded Tower Shield = shields all allies; not sure what other ice spell I'd want to upgrade
  • 19:27:07: @AmberTheSavior Not 100% sure but I've heard Oyotomi drops Stormzilla TCs
  • 19:29:16: @Moon_Gem Spritely/IceTrap Nightmare would be a sweet one to hatch with my Ice Hound, or pip/sprite/defy pig

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Star Songs