Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 04-06-2011

  • 01:14:09: @Moon_Gem Sure! Which pet did you want to hatch to your Nightmare? (Or any talents you want?)
  • 12:25:19: @Moon_Gem Highest overall stats or best talent combo? Best stats might be a Magma Colossus on my fire alt, I'll check
  • 18:13:49: @Moon_Gem I've got 2 Defender Pigs w/Spritely & Pip o'Plenty, one has Spell-Proof (storm wiz) and other has Spell-Defying (ice).
  • 19:57:10: @Moon_Gem Logging in now, where do you want to meet up?
  • 20:24:07: @Moon_Gem Yep, it's a baby Nightmare (51) One each Common & Uncommon talents, rest are all Rare. Does that rule out Spritely? #petnome
  • 23:01:09: @Moon_Gem Vendor for Balance Master quest robe is in Shoshun Village
  • 23:02:00: @SorceressMiklai lol Great minds think alike and all that

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