Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 04-09-2011

  • 00:59:40: Will need to finish training Fire alt's seadragon - Piercemonger, PainGiver, Spritely & Health Gift (per Test)
  • 16:36:08: Per TestRealm - Will take my fav Reaver to Ancient (pips) but need to breed out Death-Giver she gets at Epic. *sigh*
  • 16:40:15: Why do least attractive pets get the best talents? New Starfish will get SpellProof, IceBlade, IceShot and Spritely (from TR).
  • 16:44:22: I see far too many repeated Starfish/Ice Hound and Sea Dragon/Nightmare hatchings in my future to copy talents to better bodies.
  • 16:46:20: Wish I could test-train the Nightmare but it's too new, apparently I got it after they copied us for TR.
  • 16:47:45: @arlendawneyes Maybe Ugly wasn't the right word, they're just too goofy-looking for my taste.

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