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Star Songs

April 13th, 2011

From Twitter 04-12-2011 @ 03:15 am

  • 12:04:00: @ravenwoodradio Animal mounts are fine, but free-roaming brooms and bodiless wings are a little too weird for me.
  • 12:08:32: @aaronlightwalk Gardening for me is all about the harvests. Central's got some nice tips on maximizing your energy return at higher levels.
  • 12:13:01: @dittowizard Not that those inferno homes have much yard space for mounts to roam in. (Had to move my gardens indoors.)
  • 12:14:08: @kevbattleblood Good point, wings might look good on those Veterans Day statues
  • 15:01:51: RT @FriendlyNecro: Uber wife reports crowns have been reset on the test realm today! #twizards
  • 15:12:38: @stevehamner How do y'all feel about Faeries? Our group has a manor called FaeDoom. (OrcDoom, ElfDoom, any race you don't like works.)
  • 15:17:48: @SyFy Did you see this one? RT @LJonte via @TheOnion - 'Ghost Hunters' Enjoys Surprising 100% Success Rate onion.com/i7FVVP
  • 19:09:33: RT @DeathStarPR: TO DO:
    ✔Take your love
    ✔Take your land
    ✔Take you where you cannot stand
    ✔Burn the land
    ✔Boil the sea
    ❒Take the sky ...
  • 19:16:23: @MalornWS New amulets just let you use power pips for spells; we do that already for our main schools.
  • 19:17:50: @MalornWS I'm hoping for an Ice Wyvern pet, and Forest Lord for Life

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Star Songs