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From Twitter 04-13-2011

  • 01:09:01: @icywiz Danger hounds always reproduce as Ghost hounds so yes, you should both have them after 2x Danger hatch. Congrats!
  • 01:13:47: Fire wiz dinged 48 tonight, Dragon spell & Helephant pet achieved. That's one for every school now, woot!
  • 10:24:47: @spiritcaller I'm hoping the game kiosks will also end up as WT drops, only way I'll ever get one now. :(
  • 10:27:04: @dittowizard Something really Bugs me about that bunny suit...
  • 11:17:38: @spiritcaller I can see either Storm or Fire for a Death 2nd now, for the AOE / DOT spells
  • 11:24:24: @knittydotcom I learned a long time ago "one size fits most" means "except for me". (I'm short & very round.)
  • 11:28:16: Worst part of last week's vacation = realizing a couple of days later how good I could be feeling & don't.
  • 11:31:44: @kevbattleblood LOL Now I've got a mental image of TPC entering the arena in gear stitched to bunny suits.
  • 11:33:30: @kevbattleblood Wonder how hard it'd be to do a "Watership Down" home arena theme? *snicker*
  • 11:41:59: @annathepiper I wish I enjoyed my job half as much as you seem to.
  • 12:29:47: new Amulets as boss drops = giving players a reason to bother w/"side quest" worlds of Grizzleheim & Wintertusk (GZ is prereq for WT)
  • 12:35:19: Great, the RR crew's got me considering starting Wiz #8 specifically for low level PVP. What rank/school would you recommend?
  • 12:36:54: @aaronlightwalk I ran out of cards once or twice, that's why I always carry a Reshuffle or two now.
  • 15:15:43: RT @kevbattleblood: Spread the word: It's RR tonight, so that means PvP party on Friday! 3:30 to 8:30 PM Pacific
  • 16:43:46: #petnome pondering: Do dyed Pet Eggs breed true for coloring? Are new Eggs randomly dyed? Or do they only hatch as basic white?
  • 16:46:33: #petnome pondering II: Can you still get new Pet Eggs from Dragon / Colossus hybrid hatchings? Can we dye Pet Rocks?
  • 16:54:02: Had a bunch of stuff I wanted to finish at work today, so of course the time clock software I need's gone offline yet again.
  • 17:21:57: Wizard101's FB contest this week is for a set of permanent Seraph wings, drawing 10CT Friday!
  • 17:25:27: @fnhumor I already don't like ANY of them! RT @FoodNetwork
    Food Network Star: Premieres in June ... #fnstar
  • 19:51:20: RT @battlestarwiki: Check out this fan-made t-shirt centering around Battlestar Galactica Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. (via @mLARAart) http:/ ...
  • 22:02:42: @spiritcaller We've got you but no Fallon, sorry *hugs*
  • 22:06:26: Live show got called off, watch itunes or your fav podcast catcher (far as I know)

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