Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 04-19-2011

  • 11:56:10: Is there a way to get an RSS feed that downloads updates posted to a YouTube channel? A few I'd love to get as vid-podcasts on my @Zune.
  • 15:00:41: @FNHumor I hope Beau & Michael go out first, can't stand them.! I like Robert but not for Iron Chef, he's funniest in panic mode. Go Anne!
  • 15:02:02: @chefanneburrell You go girl! We need a lady in there to show the boys a thing or two.
  • 15:03:22: RT @FNHumor: Anne Burrell, Robert Irvine, and Alex Guarnaschelli Will Compete To Become The Next Iron Chef
  • 17:01:45: @TheDivinersLane I really like the cats so I'd probably go with Lion or Tiger, depending on whether stripes clash with your outfit or not.
  • 17:02:22: @TheDivinersLane Dragons are fun for awhile, but it can be hard to see around the wings they're so big.
  • 17:06:07: Debating buying my Myth or Death wiz a Floating Island home. Myth has Fire house (no yard), Death w/Death house (too dark) & sm MS (no room)
  • 17:59:37: @DisneyMom828 Balance wiz already has a Myth house, 1st school house I bought (got hers before I created the Myth alt)

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