Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 04-20-2011

  • 00:57:52: @FNHumor This comic reminded me of you
  • 10:06:15: @icywiz @naldoseri Sorry but Tricky Dragon's not a dropped pet, it came w/Toys R Us gift cards
  • 10:07:15: @FinandQuinn Astraeus is Star, Ptolemos is Moon, and Mythraya is Sun
  • 10:09:39: @FinandQuinn My theory: ToS bosses are the Celestian versions of Gods / Goddesses, astral beings who brought their magic to Celestia.
  • 10:11:32: @DavidSBreaker How are you and Kyle doing? I miss your podcast.
  • 10:12:37: @Knitsib 19's awfully dang cold for a beach outing, isn't it? Oh right, Celsius, never mind...
  • 10:32:18: @stevehamner Tell 'em if they wouldn't talk so loud we wouldn't have to turn our headphones up so high just to hear them. (Old pet peeve.)
  • 11:36:06: Woke up w/itchy eyes & drippy nose, took Claratin, now it's gone too far the other way & my sinuses hurt. Bleh. Can't win for losing.
  • 12:49:03: I *so* want an mp3 of this! RT @alyankovic So, here’s my new song. (Wouldn't mind the original either.)
  • 12:50:56: @aaronlightwalk They're in Austin, I think.
  • 12:54:10: @LydiaGreyrose Hope you & Prof. Falmea keeping everybody at KI safe from those Texas wildfires. Storm Lords were busy in my area last night.
  • 17:24:36: Starfish already has SpellProof & IceBlade, will get Spritely & IceShot later (not sure which order). Hatch now or keep training 1st?
  • 17:25:35: I've seen the final talents from Test, are they more likely to manifest thru hatching if they're already trained or does it matter?
  • 17:29:17: @arlendawneyes I plan on repeat mixes w/Ice Hound (preferred body), just not sure when to stop training & start hatching it.
  • 17:30:54: Are any of the Large plants worth growing / harvesting, and why? Got 0 megas/Killer Tomatoes from last batch of Burning Snapdragons. :(
  • 17:38:04: @spiritshade101 Both Breadfruits & Ninja Figs bushes are Large, but I've never had luck getting megas from Breadfruit either.
  • 23:19:18: @Moon_Gem Both are together in the Ossuary part of Stormriven, top right corner of that area

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