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Star Songs

April 22nd, 2011

From Twitter 04-21-2011 @ 03:16 am

  • 10:15:04: @Happyfreak107 Better than crashing on you mid-battle. (Which our computers at work are fond of doing.)
  • 10:30:27: Great, paychecks still aren't here from Corporate. Since I usually pass them out, I expect torches & pitchforks any time now.
  • 10:36:08: I dread folks who are justifiably angry at not getting paid taking it out on me for circumstances beyond my control. Worst part of the job.
  • 10:56:33: Crud. Didn't know Frozen Fly Traps can get rank 5 pests. Planting a whole field of them next to Prickly Bear field may have been a mistake.
  • 11:01:30: Max 45 energy to care for Prickly Bear patch, max 70 for Frozen Fly Traps. If I can get Bears to Elder won't replant 'til Traps are done.
  • 11:04:01: Each field = 32 medium plants, 6x6 grid w/corners removed to fit (barely) in large spell ring. Growing Frozen for Colossus TCs for gearcraft
  • 11:06:46: Knitting even a Necromancer could love http://bit.ly/dORA9S
  • 11:11:40: Pyromancers have corralled the torch & pitchfork crowd - checks are here! *whew!*
  • 15:05:40: @dianawildheart It's Meowiarty
  • 17:14:43: Good news: 3% pay raise. Bad news: net take-home raise is around $4 every two weeks.
  • 17:56:44: RT @Syfy: After tomorrow night's episode, mark your calendars, #Sanctuary is moving to Monday nights starting April 25!
  • 17:59:48: RT @Syfy: And here's our summer line-up schedule of #Eureka, #Warehouse13, #Haven & #Alphas for those asking - http://bit.ly/dZPImx

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Star Songs