Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 04-25-2011

  • 01:18:15: RT @Syfy: Reminder, #Sanctuary moves to Monday nights starting TOMORROW! Pls help spread the word with a retweet :)
  • 01:25:08: Big day 4 my Necro: done w/Floating Lands, lvl 55, got Treant Polymorph & full crafted Death/Life gear, stitched 2 MB tails & jester hat
  • 01:26:49: Thanks 2 gardening stockpiles already had all reagents for his outfit on hand, including Skeletal Pirates from Deadly Ninja Figs.
  • 10:19:48: Ping! Achievement reached: breakfast at work (cottage cheese & honey, nom nom!)
  • 11:07:32: @SyFy Could you please tell us the reasoning behind moving #Sanctuary to Mondays? I don't get it.
  • 13:39:30: @PaigeMoonShade Failed hatches (w/o desired talents and/or bodies) & 'cute' drop pets roam around weeding my gardens & guarding my houses.
  • 15:06:50: @FinandQuinn @EliteWizard Towers block 50% of Death damage just like any other school; it's Spirit Armor (absorbs) that can't stop Wraiths
  • 15:08:40: @FinandQuinn @EliteWizard Spirit Armor only absorbs straight Damage spells; Death's health-stealing spells ignore it completely
  • 15:58:15: Three guests so far wanting emailed receipts - so of course today's when HQ's outgoing email server's crashed. #headdesk
  • 16:05:20: @dittowizard A reason for GM Gardener: Fiery Boom Shrooms drop Firezilla TCs - same cost as Immolate, more damage & no nasty afterburn.
  • 19:54:14: @kevbattleblood @FallonStormWiz @CassDragonHeart @AlricRavenwiz TR notes "Being stunned now only generates one stun shield."
  • 20:17:10: @PaigeMoonShade pet quests - have you checked w/Baldur Goldpaws in GH commons?
  • 20:21:37: @PaigeMoonShade Hrafn Lorespeaker, it's one of the earliest Ravenscar quests

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