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From Twitter 04-26-2011

  • 01:55:10: Way past bedtime - as in, I have to get up in five hours - but I'm still wide awake. Can't even blame on TR, didn't go there.
  • 10:30:45: @PaigeMoonShade Shatter looks like single-target Quake w/o damage component. Wonder if it drops stun shields too?
  • 10:33:31: @FallonStormWiz Hatching target - Why Snow Shield? Is Ice damage that big a PVP problem?
  • 10:37:22: @dianawildheart How about an epic Tempest w/Defy HealthGift Pips and DeathProof?
  • 10:38:01: @PaigeMoonShade Good to know, was afraid that one would slip through the cracks. (pun intended)
  • 10:40:19: @dianawildheart I've also got a Defender Pig w/pips defy & spritely (plus a stat talent), and adult Ice Hound with a stat & Defy.
  • 10:43:55: @FallonStormWiz Bladespam I get, Ice can usually afford to take time (& hits) to set up. (Sometimes too long, "just one more" = me dead.)
  • 10:45:31: @dianawildheart Prob over Twitter, I've got the cash. Evenings work best for me except Saturdays, I'm at work now.
  • 11:19:00: @PaigeMoonShade Ice? Wyvern? Pet?!? *faints* Sweet!!
  • 11:22:41: @PaigeMoonShade I'd heard Moon school's Fire Wyvern mutate was DoT, sounds like Wyvern pet card is our unmutated version.
  • 11:25:36: Looks like all the new pets come with one upgraded version of their own spell, yes?
  • 11:32:42: @kevbattleblood Any thoughts on how stun spells now leaving behind only 1 stun shield (vs 4) will affect PVP? Will chain stunning be back?
  • 11:55:07: @KelseyFireheart Bleh! Wyvern's only Epics are Derby talents. Does anybody even care about Derby any more? I know I don't.
  • 11:59:46: @PaigeMoonShade Spritely obsolete? How? I'd *really* hate to see all that hatching work down the drain.
  • 12:00:49: @FNHumor Guy Fieri eating healthy is about as believeable as Cookie Monster. Bacon is a Sometimes Food....
  • 12:03:16: TR or no, I really need to get focused on work. Not enough caffeine in the world to help any more, takes ever larger doses just to function.
  • 12:29:28: I sometimes wonder if I should see a doctor about the insomnia & depression, but I'm afraid - both of the cost & of the unknown.
  • 12:31:57: "Don't be a bother to anyone" got drummed into me at an early age. "Nobody really cares, just keep quiet and keep it to yourself."
  • 12:33:41: Not in those words of course, but that's the gist of it. Working on overcoming, but it's incredibly hard to move past childhood as adult.
  • 12:41:14: @dianawildheart Tuesday April 26th, 2011
  • 12:43:30: Can't help associating Drs w/ pain - only adult experience is broken bones (twice) and 3 Caesarian deliveries (1 emergency, 2 scheduled)
  • 14:50:00: I've been 'invited to a luncheon' with our General Manager tomorrow. Coworker pointed out if it's anything bad they wouldn't feed me 1st.
  • 18:01:41: @KelseyFireheart Just a thought on MIA Zeke for Wintertusk - go back and check w/him on other worlds to see if quest is somewhere else?
  • 21:29:09: 1 hr no-updates maintenance tonight. Maybe TR fixes and/or Crowns reset?
  • 23:14:45: Should I go ahead & hatch 2 pets that both have un-manifested Spritely now, or train until it manifests first & then hatch?
  • 23:16:18: @BlanchardAuthor Might want to get a 2nd opinion, that witch doctor sounds like a quack to me. :)
  • 23:17:47: @starsongky Starfish is Ancient (75% to Epic), Adult Ice Hound, TR says both get Spritely at Epic

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