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From Twitter 04-27-2011

  • 10:23:00: Morning #twizards! How about an HP spoof of "Friday" to get you going? (@FriendlyNecro How about a W101 version?)
  • 10:24:15: Called in late for work due to tornado warning this AM, wasn't gonna wait on a bus in that! Blew thru quickly & got a ride so still on time.
  • 10:27:33: GM gave me FLOWERS!! Apparently it's Administrative Professionals Day, thus the fancy lunch. 1st time in 5 years I've had current job.
  • 10:37:55: @dittowizard Is this guy a cousin of yours?
  • 10:39:49: @EdwardLifegem Ice Kraken = Kraken/Wyvern hybrid? Which card does it get? Or does it have one of its own diff from either parent?
  • 10:59:48: RT @Syfy: I'm giving away a #Sanctuary T-shirt to someone who RTs this note by the show's new time, Mon at 10/9c on 5/2 http://twitpic.c ...
  • 11:09:10: @alyankovic Might be cheaper to get toy "meat" from kids' kitchen playsets. Throw in the plastic veggies while you're at it. :)
  • 13:39:09: @dianawildheart Thanks! I've been with the hotel a little over 18 total, first 13+ were in Night Audit (3rd shift), moved to days in 2006.
  • 14:41:12: @EliteWizard Aren't Will & Kate moving into Kensington Palace? Hope they can dodge those golems.
  • 14:51:17: @MtnDewWilly How much longer are you gonna keep us locked out of your other rooms? Guess I'll try sneaking 'round the back of the Shack...
  • 15:20:59: @Spiritcaller Hope you've got Prof. Balestrom on speed-dial for tech support tonight. :)
  • 15:24:12: @FinandQuinn Have you tried updating your video / graphics card drivers lately? That helped me w/similar issues in CL Obs last Test.
  • 15:27:10: @FinandQuinn Also, look for Smoothing somewhere in Game Options, if it's on Crown Shop try turning it off instead.
  • 15:33:17: @spiritcaller With Wintertusk's log cabin architecture you should be good to go then.
  • 15:35:08: You know the weather's bad nationwide when Tornado Watch is a Trending Topic in USA. Shields up folks!
  • 15:37:09: @FinandQuinn Not sure where everybody is, we did the Ice Study Hall over Skype.
  • 15:42:57: Only 2 slots left to complete Pet Egg - looking for Talent 7 & Derby 6. (Raw Crowns version only please, not hatched!) #petnome
  • 16:20:35: @LukeGoldHorn Wonder if that's a TR bug, an un-hatched egg shows the card it'll get at Baby.
  • 16:23:35: @PaigeMoonShade Aww! Forest Lord pet looks like a big ol' teddy bear. Think I'll call mine Wicket.
  • 16:27:01: @LukeGoldHorn You're probably right, I just doubt KI intended us to know what's inside mixed eggs before they hatch.
  • 16:28:32: TR #gardeners - Has anyone tried a Royal Sofa w/Couch Potatoes, or one of the trunks/lockers w/Key Limes?
  • 16:54:56: @dhewlett Isn't Dr. McKay Canadian? Sorry, no US birth certificate, no Presidency.
  • 17:27:19: @EliteWizard Speaking of cattail mocks, did they fix the one in MS in the clearing near Infected goat Villagers? (forget the name)
  • 21:20:28: RT @geekgirls: Look for the review of TNTs #FallingSkies on GGN later this week!

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