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Star Songs

April 29th, 2011

From Twitter 04-28-2011 @ 03:15 am

  • 11:24:36: @PaigeMoonShade I take it Ice Kraken is one of the new lvl 58 hybrids? I'd love one if he came with a matching Ice card.
  • 11:26:27: @SirWinterbreeze I'm guessing there's a Fire Wyvern to match the Moon mutate card, Fire Kraken would be sweet too.
  • 11:28:12: @RogueSorcerer New Balance heal effectively = DoT Satyr (same pips & similar total heal score)
  • 12:47:59: @kevbattleblood Composer pic looks like a boy, but they very carefully avoided mentioning which gender they are.
  • 12:56:34: @PaigeMoonShade Hopefully the Violin is a glimpse of future interactive furniture - chairs, for instance, or kitchen wares.
  • 13:04:10: @PaigeMoonShade I'm also hoping someday we'll be able to interact more w/pets & mounts - pet, brush, bath, play fetch.
  • 14:04:56: Anybody else having trouble accessing Yahoo email, or is it just me?
  • 16:04:21: @AmberTheSavior Wasn't Wizzy 500 the quest that first explains the Pet Derby?
  • 17:06:12: It's not just me after all. - Yahoo Mail down, and users cry foul http://t.co/8SYom7z (via @cnet)
  • 17:08:19: @starsongky Major outage for me, of course after my paid #yahoomail account renewed just a couple of weeks ago. #fail
  • 17:16:37: @SorceressMiklai Yep, I've had a premium account the last few years. Ad-free, 50 filters, unlimited storage space & more for $19.95/year.
  • 17:21:00: @FriendlyNecro Now you've gone and done it! *puts Pinball Wizard on endless repeat* How long 'til my coworkers beg me to shut it off?
  • 17:30:05: "Reel Around the Sun" from Riverdance - great song if you skip the slow 3-minute intro part.
  • 17:51:54: Apparently all I had to do to get my #yahoomail fixed was mention I was out on Twitter. It's back!

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Star Songs