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Star Songs

June 2nd, 2004

Full Moon Reading @ 07:09 am

Current Mood: contemplative contemplative
Current Music: Bad Moon Rising

On the way to work last night, I looked up at the first clear sky in a week to see a bright full moon. Looks like it's time to pull out my Robin Wood deck...

Full Moon: Queen of Pentacles
Emphasis on home & family, taking care of gazerwolf and the kids. Not anything new there, but sometimes it feels more like a chore than others. Looks like a time to care for them out of love more than duty.

Waning Half: Eight of Cups
After taking care of everybody else for a week, now comes the time to take care of myself. Step back, take a break, and examine my thoughts & feelings at this point.

New Moon: Four of Swords
Vacation! I've actually got a couple of days off scheduled around this time, so it'll be a much-needed break to recharge my batteries, both spiritual and physical.

Waxing Half: Seven of Cups reversed
Enough daydreaming, time to get back to work! Sooner or later that vacation has to end, whether I want it to or not. Gotta be careful not to ignore reality, or it'll rear up & smack me with a clue-by-four.
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Star Songs