Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 04-29-2011

  • 09:02:50: Morning #twizards! Lovely ceremony on TV. Just missed #theroyalkiss, had to leave for work. :(
  • 09:14:41: Is it just me, or do Forest Lords do the "Stayin' Alive" disco dance moves from Saturday Night Fever?
  • 11:27:50: Is Powerade supposed to taste like watered-down salty Kool-aid? Strawberry Lemonade flavor is disappointing. Gatorade is better.
  • 11:41:51: I like the orange Gatorade pretty well, but Powerade - not so much.
  • 11:45:22: Stuck in a basement office on a beautiful sunny day. Only way to get thru it is W101 playlist featuring (@friendlynecro) on endless shuffle.
  • 12:15:13: @dianawildheart I'll get a Forest Lord someday, my Life wiz is 2nd in line for questing after Sierra. (They play in order created.)
  • 12:36:16: Note to self: Need to add Friendly's Selena Gomez song & Cotton-Eye Joe (from KBB vid) to my W101 playlist again.
  • 14:28:23: Augh! Wish #Starbucks delivered, I need a huge honkin' caramel mocha frappuccino right about now!
  • 14:31:48: @Gazerwolf So Kindles do have some glare after all? {{HUGS}} You spoil me!
  • 14:35:37: @kevbattleblood May Cast Weakness talent? Sweet!! Gonna have to hatch that into my Hex/Spritely Reavers at some point down the line.
  • 18:42:50: @EliteWizard Fiery Shrooms drop Blinding Light, Earthquake, Firezilla, Power Nova, Scald and Tempest - not sure which TCs you need.
  • 18:43:51: @KelseyFireheart New high-end dropped pet snacks? Sweet!
  • 18:46:16: @icywiz They say you can see it "once it hatches" - not while it's still an egg.

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