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Star Songs

May 4th, 2011

From Twitter 05-03-2011 @ 03:15 am

  • 00:31:14: I tweet to @ZuneSupport for all my support needs.
  • 11:00:53: @FriendlyNecro Just noticed my Necro's got the same haircut as Thomas but in orange. (Yes, he's Ginger!)
  • 11:04:41: @spiritcaller I'm thinking it's Miley Cyrus & the "male" pic is just a red herring, they've been careful not to mention a gender.
  • 11:05:33: @spiritcaller Hanna Montana was a blonde, but her real color is brown.
  • 11:07:21: @FriendlyNecro LOL Outfit's been black w/orange trim from day one, and he's riding a Bengal tiger. Jordan enrolled around Halloween.
  • 11:09:08: Jordan Starsong (my Necro boy) dinged 57 last night finishing up Stormriven Hall, can almost smell that bone dragon coming!
  • 11:10:07: @FallonStormWiz Also implies someone that dyes or bleaches their hair a different color, or used to. Again, back to Miley Cyrus.
  • 11:11:24: @FallonStormWiz @spiritcaller Her songs have been used in video games (Hanna Montana Dance Party) but they weren't written for it.
  • 11:12:57: Hmm, now I 'm curious. Been avoiding Wintertusk so far (spoilers!) but I want to hear how it sounds. Any country twang in there?
  • 12:03:43: Debating morals of porting my GM Pyro from DS Crystal Grove to CL to get either Fortify or Strong, or wait & earn her own way there first.
  • 12:11:08: @spiritcaller Clue says they "performed on SNL", not whether it was music or acting.
  • 12:40:16: RT @thegreatlukeski: Parody song by @thegreatlukeski "SERENITY" Download the free MP3 now at http://www.thefump.com Plz RT #cantstopthes ...
  • 12:51:52: @Moon_Gem Orange Dandelions can get up to Rank 4 pests, the Pink & regular ones only get rank 1.
  • 16:01:13: Hatchery Q: If I know which Talents 2 pets will get (via Test), should I finish training for real b4 hatching them? Does that improve odds?
  • 16:03:47: Is mixed pet more likely to inherit already-manifested Live talents vs "future" talents revealed by training same pets in Test?
  • 16:05:38: I know I'll end up mixing these 2 pets in any case, just debating whether to bother finishing Live training first or go ahead & mix now.
  • 18:01:08: TR shows my Cerberus pets all take after the Balance side of the family. :( Anybody got pet w/Mythgiver 'blade or 'trap to mix? Spritely a +
  • 18:02:15: @dittowizard Stock up on rank 5 pest control, Firey Booms are prone to Imps.
  • 19:30:08: @EliteWizard Sounds like @KevBattleblood's techno beat-boxing again, "unts unts" are throbbing bass line approximations.

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Star Songs