Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 05-05-2011

  • 00:01:04: Pyro pet mix may be tougher than I thought - Sea Dragon / Magma Colossus is over 46K gold per hatch. Ouch!
  • 00:19:57: @AlricRavenwiz My Dragon's got paingiver/spritely/health, Magma has fireproof/fireshot/pips
  • 12:15:23: #petnome: Still a lot of blanks on 2 basic MB pets, Brass Golem & Cat Thug. Both are buyable from AirDales shop in Digmore Station.
  • 14:13:39: @kevbattleblood Less Spritely? Nooo!! *cries* All that hatching to get it and they plan on nerfing? That stinks...
  • 14:28:08: @dianawildheart Wait, Spritely casts less often, *and* it uses a pip now?!? *wails*
  • 14:29:25: Prickly Bears going from rank 4 plants to rank 5 - Wonder if that means they'll start getting higher ranked pests too? *sniffle*
  • 23:29:39: Yeva wants my Pyro to take over as Spiderkeeper, she's given me 5 Queen Spiders in 6 fights so far. All I want is a hat!

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