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From Twitter 05-09-2011

  • 12:41:20: @FNHumor Somebody needs to teach FN the difference between "recipe" and "serving suggestion". (re:
  • 12:43:33: @LaraSpencer Welcome to @GMA! Glad to see another lady back in the mix, was starting to look like SportsCenter in there. :)
  • 12:44:21: RT @mightymur: Problem with making an awesome Portal 2 ringtone- when someone calls you'd rather listen to the ring tone than pick up th ...
  • 12:45:12: @FriendlyNecro 20% in common> We play more than our kids? I know I do!
  • 12:45:57: RT @KingsIsle: #gamejobs KingsIsle Entertainment in Austin is looking for a Senior Software Engineer - find out more at http://kingsisle ...
  • 12:46:49: @SirWinterbreeze I've been wondering about "pain bringer" too. I've heard of Pain-giver (and #school-giver), is 'Bringer new?
  • 12:50:24: @yzorah I let my Interweave Knits sub expire last issue, after 2 years I hadn't seen a single pattern I wanted to make.
  • 13:55:50: RT @Syfy: Retweet this note by 5pm PT on 5/13 for a chance to win 1 of 3 #Stargate Universe press kits -
  • 14:41:00: @spiritcaller The "Get off my lawn" image in my head is funnier when your cane's a 120-pt wand. "I said git!" Zap! *falls to dust*
  • 14:42:32: @EliteWizard Do what *you* want to do, Hon, not what others want you to do! {{hugs}} Only one you gotta make happy is you.
  • 15:02:59: @ZumaBlitz Is there a way to see your Twitter background? The tweets cover up your who's who pics. (I'm a newly hooked fan!)
  • 15:06:06: @ZumaBlitz Never mind, figured it out w/Firefox. (View Background option was hidden w/ Explorer.) How do you make it so addictive? :)
  • 15:11:41: @EliteWizard Yes, it starts there. Full Mossback / Wavebringer / Oakheart guide from Central:
  • 15:16:27: @lounge_wizards Will there be an RSS feed to download episodes later if we can't make the live shows?
  • 16:36:45: Mother's Day gifts: huge wolf dreamcatcher, fancy umbrella, ceramics & teddies, cards & notes, and Skeletal Dragon for my Death wiz
  • 16:40:00: @PaigeMoonShade Does that come with a spiffy "Hall Monitor" badge?
  • 16:44:48: @knittydotcom Time to pull out the knitting?
  • 17:32:35: Anybody know where the Nordic Champion badge comes from? Just noticed my Death wiz has it on Test.
  • 18:07:41: @dianawildheart So, Nordic Champion's either "finished all GH quests" or "finished GH storyline", makes sense.
  • 19:33:11: Found the RSS feed for @lounge_wizards woot! (podcast auto-download to Zune achieved)
  • 22:11:00: Standing Ovation @DavidBlue & Everyone else on #SGU!
  • 22:30:54: @ZumaBlitz Any tips for speeding up sluggish game play? XP at work is fine, but my home Vista lags after every shot b4 next ball's ready.

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