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Star Songs

May 12th, 2011

From Twitter 05-11-2011 @ 03:25 am

  • 10:09:30: @tipadaknife Lockerz.com used to be Plixi, one of the Twitter-related photo sharing sites.
  • 10:25:43: Need to finish levelling my current Reaver, Lady Taz - TR shows she'll get Spritely (already has Hex) so I can mix in Weakness soon.
  • 10:27:52: Balance GM hasn't done Malistaire yet so won't be getting her own Judge any time soon. She's next thru CL after Death (in Science Ctr now).
  • 10:30:07: @SirWinterbreeze I'm Meh w/both new Ice spells, play mainly solo so Legion's not worth carrying, Frost Armor's not worth the pips.
  • 10:31:37: @PaigeMoonShade Morning Paige! Wishing I was home to play, not really all that eager for WT though just need Spiral time.
  • 10:33:23: @SirWinterbreeze 30% is the same reduction as the Weakness amulet, similar to Plague spell too I think.
  • 11:30:43: RT @blastr: 1st official pic of unrecognizable David Tennant in Fright Night http://bit.ly/kasB5z
  • 12:05:33: Is it too late to call in sick if you're already at work? Not for Wintertusk, just feeling horrible & want to crawl back into bed.
  • 12:32:03: @dianawildheart Sadly no, just the lingering exhaustion & achy all over from a cold I'd thought at first was just allergies.
  • 16:46:59: Weren't King Parsley and Stinkweed both Rank 1 plants? Parsley's rank 3 now (w/rank 2 bugs!) and Stinkweed's Rank 2.
  • 16:47:45: Patch notes said Prickly Bears were going from Rank 4 to Rank 5, but don't recall them mentioning others going up. Any other plant changes?
  • 16:50:31: @spiritcaller Katanas: Oyotomi/green, Plague Oni/blue, Jade Oni/purple, Oakheart/red - any others folks?
  • 16:52:44: @SorceressMiklai Lightning bugs and Ghoulish Wisps were both rank 2 pests, rank 3 was Stinkbugs. (Pinks used to only get rank 1, dangit)
  • 16:53:45: @LadyofBlades No clue, sorry, I could only remember the 4 Katana style ones.
  • 21:18:07: @PaigeMoonShade If you stitch something to the Grum Staff, it takes the name and trade/no trade from whatever has the stats.

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Star Songs