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Star Songs

May 13th, 2011

From Twitter 05-12-2011 @ 03:31 am

  • 00:12:44: @PaigeMoonShade Stitched wand should only be No Trade if the Stat/named wand was No Trade, appearance wand shouldn't matter either way.
  • 10:22:30: Was looking forward to morning tea, found out after I'd brewed it that the office water machine's heating element quit. Cold chai stinks.
  • 10:28:21: @PaigeMoonShade Sorry, could've sworn it worked the other way.
  • 10:29:25: @TheActiveNecro Wintertusk went up yesterday morning after extended maintenance night before last.
  • 10:34:34: Mythbusters game featuring @donttrythis is on sale for $4.99 over at http://kids.woot.com (looks like fun!)
  • 10:36:32: @spiritcaller On the bright side, maybe you can pick up a Jade Oni pet or two while you hunt that sword.
  • 10:38:09: @spiritcaller Before DS came out Jade Oni was top boss in the Spiral, so his loot table's nearly as huge as he is.
  • 10:40:36: @spiritcaller Long as Oni doesn't throw up one of those Death shields he's so fond of. Pack a Pierce or three?
  • 10:43:18: @spiritcaller That reminds me, next time I play my lvl 58 Necro I should start him up the +damage Sun ladder. (Been saving points for it.)
  • 10:50:21: Can't microwave travel thermos (metal) or in styrofoam cups so lukewarm tea will have to do, hottest I could get from sink. Need fire elf.
  • 20:53:27: After porting into a blind duel, think I'd better wait awhile for bug patches before doing Wintertusk. http://twitpic.com/4wtz8o
  • 20:56:13: @arlendawneyes No way to tell what school boss is, or what traps blades spells etc are flying around.
  • 20:57:07: @FinandQuinn Frostbranch, whoever / where ever that is
  • 20:58:17: @arlendawneyes That's what I thought too, until the Efreet hit us. (saw the -90% damage go past)
  • 20:59:39: @arlendawneyes Cheating boss too, there was some text about a Mark of Courage?

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Star Songs