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Star Songs

May 14th, 2011

From Twitter 05-13-2011 @ 03:22 am

  • 10:04:15: @KelseyFireheart Let me know if your Judge gets that May Cast Weakness talent, I've got a Reaver w/Hex I'd love to hatch with her please.
  • 10:05:22: @ScarletMoonflwr My kid brother was born on a Friday the 13th
  • 10:25:13: From KI's new ad - Looks like Krok style - new house or next area? Love the fountain! (Flying Carpet mount too) http://twitpic.com/4x26ru
  • 10:27:33: @dianawildheart LOL Great minds think alike! Looks like Krok style, maybe Arabian Nights.
  • 16:25:23: Cancelled shows: V, No Ordinary Family, Human Target. Of these I'll definitely miss V the most. Wish @SyFy would pick it up!
  • 16:28:36: @jaredlightflame US has been issuing a series of $1 goldtone coins featuring each of our presidents. Look for writing on the edge.
  • 16:30:31: RT @jeffdunham: Retweet this and get a chance to win a free Achmed “Welcome to the Club Bro” T-shirt featuring Osama Bin Ladin! http://b ...
  • 16:31:45: RT @diaryofawizard: #AngryBirds have invaded Google Chrome! http://j.mp/jw8M5l (to install to Chrome) or http://j.mp/mEi80z (to play rig ...
  • 16:38:56: @dianawildheart @FallonStormWiz FYI Honey Sickles are no longer buyable, seeds drop from WC bosses according to patch notes.
  • 16:45:00: @dianawildheart Pink Dandelions can get rank 2 pests now (Ghoulish Wisps), think they're Rank 2 seeds as well.
  • 16:45:48: @dianawildheart Prickly Bears went from rank 4 seeds to rank 5, Stinkweed up to rank 2.
  • 16:46:35: @dianawildheart Pinks went to rank 2 seed type I think, at work so I can't log in to check.
  • 16:49:20: @LydiaGreyrose Now that we know Nick Jonas composed them, will the Wintertusk tunes be added to free W101 Ringtones soon?
  • 17:52:47: @EliteWizard Short audio clip ... a sound byte?
  • 23:22:25: Anybody dual boxing W101 tonight? My main acct's been in awhile but can't get 2nd account to connect.
  • 23:29:09: Finally gave up, cancelled & re-tried. Must've been a temporary thing, both accounts ITS now.

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Star Songs