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Star Songs

June 13th, 2004

Sims College @ 04:38 am

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished
Current Music: Bridge Over Troubled Waters instrumental

My skinning class at Sims College fell through, but I've signed on for a new one in July, taught by Parsimonious' webmistress, so at least this time they found a teacher who knows what they're doing!

My first Objects 102 lesson cut a bookshelf down to half as tall and added new stuff on the shelves, and made a smaller endtable (the tabletop is 1/4 the old size) recolored with new drawer pulls. Not happy with the shading on the purple, looks too flat to me, but the teacher liked it.

Lesson 2 is making a 2x3 rug the "old-fashioned" way using Transmogrifier instead of Rug-O-Matic (both available from http://thesimstransmogrifier.com). It's a six-tile object, two rotations each (front and back) for a total of 12 sprites to make the one rug. And that's with it generating the smaller zooms and all buffers on its own.

I like Rug-O-Matic a lot better for making rugs, just input the flat graphic and let it do all the work. RoM also generates all four rotations instead of just two, so if you've got letters or anything else that matters much which direction is which, it'll still come out okay.
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Star Songs