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promotion update

I just found out from my boss that they've hired someone else. *sigh* He sent me a note Friday morning that Corporate HQ has been pressuring him to hire someone from outside the hotel. (There were legal issues involved in the position becoming vacant, and HQ was concerned the former person may have been working with someone else and didn't want to take any chances.) Anyway, Boss said all the outside candidates had been unqualified or wanted way too much money - until the last one. New applicant has done the same job at smaller hotels, and moved here because of his wife's job. Boss warned me Friday morning that they were going to make him an offer, and updated Friday afternoon that he's accepted and will be starting in a week or so.

I'm disappointed of course, but I'll get over it. Boss gave me the impression that if it had been up to him, he would have definitely preferred to promote rather than hire someone new, which softened the blow. I haven't lost anything, and at least now the waiting and wondering is over.
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