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reading for my Dwarven warrior princess

Okay, so Ilge's not technically a princess, but her father is a clan chief. At the end of last week's session she was being hauled in for questioning by the Black Musketeers (the King's guards). She witnessed three brigands chasing a coach through town, and tried unsuccessfully to save the life of one of the brigands after the guy in the coach shot him with an illegal firearm. She's convinced the brigands were undercover Musketeers, but isn't sure how to safely explain how she knows a lot more about this than the average citizen has any right to. She also didn't get a clear look at the dead guy's face, and is somewhat concerned he might have been the Captain she's hoping will vouch for her.

Anyway, let's see what advice the Whimsical Tarot has for dealing with this mess...

Three of Swords Rx - Hansel & Gretel
Seven of Pentacles Rx - Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Wheel of Fortune Rx - The Flax

Ilge feels pretty lost & alone now, with the person who might have led her out of this possibly lying dead in the street. She could use some friendly advice, but a young dwarf in a human surface town is a definite minority (and often treated as such). Whatever's happening, it's pretty much out of her hands, left up to the fates.

All reversed too, bleh. Turning this around to her advantage will be difficult at best.

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