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I haven't slept well for three days now and it's really dragging me down. I normally don't get too much sleep when I'm working anyway - working third shift in a day-shift world, I usually get a few hours in the morning when I get home and a few more at night before I go back to work. But the mornings have been shorter than usual lately, and in the evenings I can't seem to get comfortable enough to sleep. I just toss & turn, maybe doze off for a few minutes if I'm lucky, but that's it. I'm more tired mentally than physically, the body needs less rest than the mind and spirit do, and it's leaving me drained and depressed.

Time for a self-reading: What can I do to get over this insomnia?

Deck: Pocket Rider-Waite
Card: King of Cups

Get control of my emotions, use them rather than let them use me. Look for an emotional root to the sleeplessness, rather than a physical one. I also tend to associate this particular King with my lifemate gazerwolf. He's been feeling bad lately too, we both need the rest in a lot of ways.

The King's throne is floating, and his cup is very large. Maybe I can't get comfortable because I'm dehydrated and simply need more fluids.
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