Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

Great way to ruin a good night

I was almost looking forward to coming back to work tonight. Knight and I have been working together for over a decade now, so I look forward to nights when "the team" is working. No problem we can't handle together - or, rather, that he can't handle while I fill in behind him.

So much for that idea. Apparently he's off tonight and tomorrow night, so with our third partner vacationing in Europe, I'm on my own - and running the hotel through the night, normally the other partner's job when Knight's off. I despise being Manager On Duty - because I'm terrified of it. Anything that goes wrong, it suddenly becomes my job to fix.

Okay, it's probably my own fault, most likely I just mis-read the schedule and forgot this was coming. (Or just blocked it out, refusing to accept it.) I was NOT prepared for this shit tonight. And tomorrow we're sold out, thanks to a downtown concert. (I won't mention who, I know some on my friends list are going.)

sigh ... Oh well, enough whining, sitting here complaining won't help and will only put me further behind. Time to end this and dig into the paperwork.
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