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Star Songs

July 28th, 2004

Why don't they tell us these things? @ 06:54 am

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed

I've been Manager On Duty at work the past two nights, not a job I do very often I admit, but you'd think that *somebody* would have let the night manager know to expect a friggin' TV crew doing a live remote from our lobby this morning!

The hotel and TV station are co-sponsoring a charity event this weekend, and they were filming promos for it and doing a live spot on their morning news. You'd think somebody had to know about it ahead of time, but heaven forbid they should inform the people who would be in charge when they showed up.

Edit: I wasn't the only one left in the dark. None of the managers who came in this morning knew anything about it, either - including the General Manager. So either it was arranged through a manager not present (our Director of Sales) or they just showed up on their own.
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Star Songs