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Back to work

This time tomorrow, I'll be well into my first night at work in over two weeks. It's been nice but I'm ready for a vacation from my vacation. gazerwolf and I spent a lot more time together than we usually do - with both of us awake at the same time, I mean. We never really did get our schedules together, though, but they overlapped a lot more. I also averaged a solid six-hour block asleep most days - or nights, or whatever - but that's still better than the four-hour blocks I had before. We got the fall Quarterly mailed, and I updated the CompTarot site quite a bit. Still need to do laundry tomorrow. (Okay, later today, if you wanna get technical.)

I missed the company picnic today, assuming it was today and hadn't been rescheduled. Son #1 was exhausted after his first day of school today, #2 is limping from immunization shots in both thighs, and #3 is too wild to chase all over a park and too small to understand stuff like "Come back here!" and "Stay out of that!". I'm not much for social stuff like that anyway, a free meal and a tiny chance of winning some prize I probably wouldn't want isn't enough to overcome it. If I worked days and actually knew more people there, then maybe I'd be interested.

Chatting with a bunch of strangers who look vaguely familiar isn't my idea of fun, sorry.
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