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Angst quiz

My angst tastes like...
Find your angst's flavor

Simple and true, your angst is just the amount of any normal person. What's more, you exercise an extremely honest and healthy way of dealing with it. Many people could use maturity and wisdom like yours. Your angst may be that you don't get along with your boss or a family member is having health problems, but either way it's always something transient and survivable that you cope with and use as a step on your way to becoming a better person. If there's one problem with your angsting, it's that you may tend to take this matter-of-fact, dutiful approach to all things. Maybe you should cut loose a little now and then so you can have some wild fun and adventure to balance out your angst. Remember that life needs its up as well as its downs and treat yourself to a little reward for your work.

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