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Independence Day

My ID had expired and I missed my bus home last Wednesday morning, so I figured what the heck, I'll go ahead and get that while I'm downtown. There were a bunch of teenagers in there getting their learners permits for their drivers ed classes, so it took an hour and I missed another bus.

But I only missed two questions on the written exam, and got my permit without even studying. Take that, teenagers!

I took drivers ed before most of them were born, but I never managed to get my license back then. (Stupid Ohio obstacle course in reverse...) I drove yesterday, just an empty parking lot, but I didn't hit any poles or curbs and managed to park between the lines most of the time. Turning left into a space went really well, turning right I tended to end up too far over to the right, gotta allow for that next time.

It's not quite my independence day yet, but it's coming within the next year.
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