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(very) potential tarot book

I've been a deck moderator (DM) for the Comparative Tarot elist and site for a few months now, including for Tarot of the Animal Lords. I usually prefer decks with companion books, but I was so intrigued by this one that I went ahead and bought it anyway.

A friend recommended I send copies of my Animal Lords essays to Riccardo Minetti (head of the deck's publisher, Lo Scarabeo) as a book proposal. (Doesn't hurt any that the friend knows him!) I got a very nice email response thanking me for my interest, and admitting that they have had a lot of requests for a book for this deck. Apparently the decision to release it without a book was strictly financial - they could only produce so many books, and felt that other less intuitive decks needed a companion book more than Animal Lords.

But his last lines gave me hope:

"Anyway I have Your name on file! :)
And if we think agian about that book, I shall contact you."

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