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Looking back

Not sure why, but I've been looking back through all my LJ entries tonight, clear back to the first one on July 22, 2003. Lots of quizzies & memes, not much actual content. I should probably do something about that. Not as many nightly readings as early on, either. Still usually draw a card before work, just haven't been keeping track of them.

One of those early entries mentioned weighing 319, around the time I got my air bike. Just checked, it's at 314 now, bleh.

Feeling a lot better emotionally lately than I did back then. A friend recommended B-complex vitamins, been taking them the last week or so. Apparently stress "eats up" the B's faster and can cause depression. They seem to be helping, feeling tired and a bit achy now (mostly in/around my left ear) but not depressed from it.

I was supposed to do laundry today, but feel blechy and forgot about it until just now. Heavy rain yesterday - wettest October day on record - probably has the mold count way up and playing havoc with the sinuses. I'll have to do at least one load tomorrow (Wednesday), so I'll have something to wear to work.

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