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Star Songs

November 1st, 2004

Halloween's gone downhill @ 04:12 am

Current Mood: disappointed disappointed

Is it just me, or has trick-or-treating really gone downhill over the past couple of years? I admit, living in a complex of townhouses doesn't make it easy, but I went out with the guys this year and was really disappointed for them. Maybe one doorway in four had their porch lights on, if that many. The sad part is half or more of the ones they got to knock on weren't home. (And judging from the notes still tucked into some of them, haven't been in several days.)

The boys seemed to have fun despite that, and thankfully weren't throwing fits about the no-shows. They *really* need to fix the sidewalk/parking lot lights though, most of them have been out more than they've been working the past few years. Between the masks and the dark, the boys tripped quite a few times, though they managed not to rip their costumes or treat bags or to seriously injure themselves.
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Star Songs