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depressing mall trip

Well, yesterday's mall trip was a bust, no pun intended. I've apparently outgrown Lane Bryant's. *sigh* Took forever to find one or two blazers in a 26/28, both of which were too tight in the upper arms. I asked one of the sales girls if they carried anything bigger and she said no, not even in their catalogs. She also said she thought their stuff tended to run small, but I got the feeling she was just trying to make me feel better. I was finally forced to face facts - I've gotten too fat for the fat store.

So we spent the next few hours walking the full length of the mall, Gazer encouraging me all the way to give this or that shop one more try. (Thanks for trying, Sweetie, and for keeping me from falling totally apart.) Of the few places that carried Women's sizes, nowhere else went above a 24. Sears did have a 24/26 cardigan that barely fit, at least in the arms, but it looked a lot more like a sweater than something nice for work (which was the point) so I finally decided against it. And it was miserably hot, and heck knows work's been hot enough as it is lately.

At least it wasn't a total disaster, though I didn't find what I'd gone there for. We got a few more hours of kid-free together time, which doesn't happen nearly enough. I ended up getting something I'd been wanting for a very long time but never could afford - Futurama on DVD, season 1. (With any luck I can get the other 3 seasons in a couple of months, once we get our tax refunds.) I watched the first two disks with the boys this afternoon. Jake's apparently a big fan too, though he doesn't get to watch it much because it comes on after his bedtime. And Ben thought the part in the opening sequence where the ship crashes into the giant TV was the funniest thing he'd ever seen. Watching him wait for it every time and then laugh hysterically when it happened again was really cool.
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