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seeking OOP knitting book

I'm searching for a copy of Barbara G. Walker's "Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book", ISBN 0684136813, published by Scribner in 1974. (Amazon link)

I knitted a sampler afghan for Gazer back in 1986, from a pattern photocopied from a falling-apart book in the Dayton OH public library while I was on summer vacation from college. Sadly, I've long since lost that copy. He still uses it every night, and it's held up all that time with very minor easy-to-repair damage.

I've wanted to make myself a blanket from the same pattern for years now but couldn't remember the name of the book. It finally occurred to me to see if Dayton's library had an online catalog, a little searching back & forth between there and Amazon, and bingo there it is. Dayton has it listed as "in storage" so apparently they still own it but it's not actively loaned out any more. I checked Lexington's catalog, they don't have it at all.

The user review on Amazon sounds exactly like the pattern I'm looking for. Now if I could just find a copy - and once I found one, afford it. Looks like it's running around $45 and up from used bookstores online.

If anybody spots this book somewhere at a reasonable price, please let me know!
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