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upcoming job interview

Got an email tonight from the Personnel director at work. I've got a job interview Friday morning (8:30am Eastern) with him and my boss (Dir. of Finance) for the Credit Manager position I applied for on day shift. Personnel guy says he'll just be there to answer questions, Boss will be doing the actual interview. It must be at least a very close competition if they're bothering to interview, I'd thought it was like 60/40 or better in the other guy's favor. (One of the other in-house applicants.)

Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but I take this as a Very Good Sign.

Last interview I had was twelve years ago, so I'm rusty, but at least I know the guys conducting it this time around. That last interview was also with the accounting & personnel directors here at the same hotel (though they were different people then).

Yes, I'm a little nervous about it - but only a little.
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