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Saturday's lesson

This was going to be "today's lesson" but I forgot to post it last night, so...

Instant coffee is not the same thing as drip-ground coffee, and cannot simply be substituted for it.

Gazer bought me a small coffeemaker & I was eager to try it out, but all we had in the house was instant, so I followed the directions that came with the coffeemaker. It smelled good, but when I poured that first cup - ewww!! Last time I checked, coffee's usually a clear dark liquid, not a thicker-than-water dark opaque stuff. I sniffed at it once or twice, briefly considered diluting half a cup with water, then just dumped the whole thing down the drain. Pulled the filter out to throw out the leftover grounds - it was empty, the whole mess had dissolved, which would explain why it was so thick.

*sigh* Hate to waste the instant (almost half a big jar), so until that's gone, little Mr. Coffee's just heating up pots of water.
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