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Star Songs

March 8th, 2005

job front @ 12:34 am

Current Mood: anxious anxious
Current Music: Boss' fishtank screensaver bubbling

Okay, now I'm confused.

Spoke to Bossman this morning about the Cashier's job I applied for last Friday morning, asked if there was any news yet. He said policy is to leave openings posted for a week minimum to give everbody who wants to apply a chance to do so. It was posted last Thursday.

New job posting list came out today (Monday) - General Cashier isn't on it now. No emails or notes for me about it either. WTF?

Stupid curiosity. This is gonna be bugging me all night now.

Edit: Nearly morning now, work-time, approaching 6:30am. I have been obessing about this all night. Is this what I really want? Or am I just dreaming of "day shift" as a mythical ideal that would magically solve all my problems and make me "normal" again, when I can't even pin down what it is about nights that's really bugging me?

Knight's right - I don't like change, plain and simple, and 2005 so far has been nothing *but* one big change after another. One auditor quit, auditor/manager's gone on lots of vacations lately. I'm managing, *and* training the new guy on what's usually *my* job, so even the audit part's different.

I'm very much a creature of habit. I'm not just shy around new people, it takes me a really long time to get comfortable with new routines too. My habits have been tossed out the airlock and I simply haven't been able to keep up with it all. As he put it (paraphrased), "And making a total change by going to day shift is going to fix this ... how?"

The more I think about it, the less I want that Cashier job. Maybe, if the pay's good, but if it's a cut? In the long run, I doubt very much I'd be happy with it.

We'll see.
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Star Songs