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Knitting for Charity

A couple of years ago (2003?) I spent a lot of time knitting & crocheting slippers and hats for the Ships Project (overseas troop support group). The last batch I didn't have postage to mail, so I donated them to the Salvation Army through a drive at work. We host a bunch of homeless families for Christmas Eve every year, and the hotel puts together gift bags for everybody. I didn't do any charity projects last year, because most of the year our own situation was too tight to afford the yarn, let alone postage.

I've been on a knitting kick again lately, and I'd really like to start making stuff to donate to charity again. Chemo caps, winter hats, mittens, that kind of thing. I'd like suggestions for charities to donate stuff to, what kinds of things they might need and in what sizes. (I did all adult stuff before, but I wouldn't mind making kids' stuff either. roina_arwen What about that Mitten Tree at your work?) This might end up a long-term project, a little here and there, or stockpiling stuff to donate next winter/holdiay season.

I also wouldn't object if anybody wanted to give me yarn for this. Sometimes yard sales have boxes of old yarn really cheap. I thought about getting yarn lots on eBay, but most of the time shipping is 2-3x the cost of the yarn. (Unfortunately, yarn's heavy.)

If anybody spots a yarn sale at WalMart or Michaels or somewhere else in Lexington, please let me know.

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