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Star Songs

March 30th, 2005

kitchen stuff @ 11:57 pm

Current Mood: hungry hungry

Son #3 made a huge mess out of the kitchen this evening. My fault for not keeping him out of there, I was catching up on my friends' list (mostly knitting). Son #1 was back there watching Futurama on DVD, so I made the mistake of assuming baby was also watching TV, and that son #1 was watching son #3. He (the little one, not the big one) dumped a half-full plastic box of sugar, along with a brand-new-minus-one-cup-worth jar of Irish Creme coffee creamer, and apparently rolled around in the powder. GRR!! I got mad and threw the sugar box (at the mess, not the kids) and busted a big ol' hole in it. I thought plastic was supposed to bounce. At least it was all a dry mess, so it vaccuumed up easy enough, though I had to dump out the vaccuum twice to do it. I've got more creamer - they were on sale - but no sugar = no more coffee for me for a while. *sigh*

Wandering around from LJ to LJ, I found a poll someone had put up about eating frozen Eggo waffles, and whether or not it was weird. I've gnawed on frozen foods before, mostly out of curiosity, sometimes because I was really hungry and in a big hurry. As a kid/preteen, I made a regular habit of gnawing on frozen fish sticks. I had a feeling it was some kind of teething instinct, working on those last few molars.
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Star Songs