Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

Tonight's Card

Wanted to jot this down before I forget. (Silly me, I keep forgetting. Tracking my nightly one-card-before-work readings was one of the reasons I wanted an LJ account!)

From the Animal-Wise Tarot: Squirrel - Eight of Four-Leggeds (Pentacles)

Preparing for a rainy day, storing nuts for winter, and generally planning ahead. In some decks this one's the Apprentice card, a "practice makes perfect" feel to it. Keep on task, don't get distracted by that shiny thing across the field - or by playing around online when I should have been working at least a half-hour ago, and also forgot to call home when I got to work to let hubby know to go pick up the sodas from his mom's van. (Stopped by the store when she drove me to work tonight, she lives just across the street from us.)

Anyway, off to work before I get more distracted... Hey! What's this?
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