Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

Feeding Time at the Zoo

Otherwise known as my Night of Living Hell. Or at least, that's what I'm anticipating. sunday night bar crowd (big as usual since we've got the only bar in town open on Sunday nights). Labor Day weekend, so nobody has to get back up in the morning. (Yeah, I know, mostly nobody.) University of Kentucky is back in session, so the college kids are back. UK's season opening football game vs. traditional rival U. of Louisville, bringing even more people into town. (Look up the score if you're interested, I won't spoil it.) Huge thunderstorm broke just seconds before kickoff, causing an 82-minute delay starting the game - and dumping nearly 6 inches of rain in that time - so the "party" that should have been winding down by now is just getting started.

Throw in tonight just happens to be our month-end closeout, and Welcome to my Nightmare.

Tonight's card comes from my new favorite deck, just purchased yesterday, the Whimsical Tarot. Cards all feature fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and so on.

Four of Cups - from "The Emperor's New Clothes", depicts His Royal (bare) Backside, riding through town on a horse, with townsfolk whispering and snickering behind him. The Emperor, conned into thinking only high-stationed people can see his clothes, won't admit he can't see them either - and is oblivious that he really is naked, after all. Lesson here is not to lie to myself, not to take other people's word but check out the facts myself and trust my own senses/intuition. As a night auditor, I get paid to pay close attention to details, to verify everything, and to inspect the paperwork to make sure it all matches and fits into place. Don't let myself be swayed or sidetracked, check everything out for myself. And above all else, don't lie to myself and convice myself that a problem really isn't a problem after all, that I must be imagining things or just looking at it wrong.
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