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music quiz

roina_arwen finally talked me into this one...

Your Taste in Music:

Country: Highest Influence
80's Pop: Medium Influence
Classic Rock: Low Influence

How's Your Taste in Music?

There weren't too many artists on there I actually recognized, but I've never been very good at remembering names like that. My Yahoo Launchcast station's mostly country, a few '80s and classics, a touch of New Age and a smattering of comedians (primarily Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and George Carlin). Now that the PCs at work all have sound cards I went ahead and sprung for the paid subscription for ad-free & more channels. Also finally got it working at home, turns out our Windows Media Player was frakked up. Only drawback is I have to use Explorer to access it; Firefox gives a silly error about it not being compatible with Netscape.

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