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Star Songs

April 29th, 2005

RHPS on Cold Case @ 05:15 am

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For you Rocky Horror fans out there, this coming Sunday's episode of Cold Case (CBS) has been heavily advertised as a murder at RHPS. From the CBS website:

Sunday, May 1, 8:00PM ET/PT

"Creatures of the Night"

The unsolved 1977 case involving the death of a Philadelphia doorman is given a second look when Rush and Valens try to link his murder to a serial killer about to be released from prison on a legal technicality. Rating: TVPG-LV

Barry Bostwick guest stars.


From the ads, looks like he's their main suspect. And when I put together that he'd starred in RHPS back in '75 (I've only seen it once, on video at home), guess what's on the radio?
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Star Songs