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When I came to work tonight, I expected to be wading through paperwork, not water. We got a call from a guest around 3:30am that his toilet wouldn't stop running and was making a mess. I'm really glad Knight insisted we get a water cutoff tool on our keyring a few years back - and that my shoes were waterproof. Nothing filthy at least, but the water was an inch deep in that bathroom. The guest had tried to block the doorway with towels, it still seeped out into the carpet but not anywhere near as bad as it could have been. I offered to move him to a new room but he was already up getting ready for an early flight. He did ask about getting a shower if the water was off, I wasn't sure if turning off the toilet would affect the tub so I gave him a key for the vacant room next door.

Not too bad to deal with, considering. It could have been a lot worse. And it didn't even phase me, so I must be getting used to this Night Manager thing. That's why I'm giving myself a cookie.
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