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Stupid meth-heads

Thanks to all those wonderful folks who brew up crystal meth, I can no longer pick up my allergy meds on the way to work. Kroger's has a new sign posted - all items containing ephedrine or pseduoephedrine (including the store-brand Claritin D I needed) are now kept behind the pharmacy counter, and thus are only available during pharmacy hours. Walmart's been that way for a while, now Krogers. Anybody buying this stuff gets carded and logged, so they can track how much you get and how often. If it's more than you'd need for regular medical doses, they can tip off the cops to potential meth makers.

I can understand their reasoning for keeping it locked up - the stuff's gotta be a big theft target - but I'm still annoyed that it screws over night-shifters like me who actually need to take it.

There's a Rite-Aid on Main, I'll try stopping by there on the way home in the morning and see if they've got it. If not I can go an extra stop on the bus trip home and check the Rite-Aid by home, I know they carry it since that's where I got it last time. Not thrilled about a longer walk either way, but it beats having to get up early and go out during the day.
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