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screwed-up monitor

Bad enough I have to share a desk with day shift, and by "share" I mean use a day shift person's desk at night when they aren't there. When I came in tonight the monitor at my usual station is messed up, not quite rolling but something weird in the vertical hold, with one scrunched up image ghosted over top of the regular one. And apparently the big image was the ghost, because the icons only worked on the scrunched one. I tried messing with the monitor settings, de-gaussing and such, but none helped.

I'm not gonna work like that, sorry, haven't got time to deal with it. So I unplugged the monitor and swapped it with one on another desk. We don't use that station at night, and with the holiday, the day person probably won't be back until Tuesday. They can get somebody to come in during the day and fix the stupid thing. Or maybe it's just overheated, and being turned off for a few hours will help.

This equipment's only a couple of months old, I'm surprised one's failed so quickly.
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