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Star Songs

May 29th, 2005

calculating short-rows for turning heel @ 08:55 am

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I'm working with this pattern and already know I'll have to make some modifications for my wide feet & legs. The pocket/algebra versions start with X = sts per inch x2, no problem there. Cast on 4x sts = 8 inches worth, gotta change that to 6x = 12 inches for me. Heel flap uses half the stitches, no problem there either. Where I run into trouble is turning the heel.

Is there a formula for how many unworked sts to leave on the heel flap on that first turning row? A fixed number, a percentage, so many inches' worth? My heels are wider than average (like the rest of my feet) but not necessarily deeper, so I'm having a little trouble with the math on that particular section. I don't want to make the turning section too long (too many rows).

I'm an accountant, I should be able to handle simple algebra - shouldn't I? Help!
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Date:May 30th, 2005 05:15 am (UTC)
I xposted this to sock_knitters - actually meant to post there to begin with - and got the help I needed from the pattern designer, kathrynt. My first turning row is half the heel sts +3, leave the same number unworked on the 2nd row as the 1st one, and get a stitch wider each row from there.

Wh00t! I might actually get these started tongight - assuming I get a chance after the mass checkout (85% down to 19%) & Bar Crowd from Hell (over 700 at last count).

Star Songs