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When work gets really boring...

...I start surfing at random, hopping from link to link. I started reading Socknitters emails, which led to quite a few handy tips on various toe & heel styles. I converted one tutorial from webshots photos into a single doc file, printed on the b/w laser printer, then took blue & pink highlighters to recolor the important parts to match the original pics.

Quite a few other printouts & emails later, when I finally finished that elist, I headed over to LJ - and right off the bat, boingboing_net has an entry I had to check out - and kill more time with: - A playable Zork parody, using a wiki engine. -and- - Another wiki-engine text adventure, like those "choose your own adventure" paperbacks they had when we were in junior high.

As far as work goes, I'd rather be bored than running around like a half-crazed maniac. As long as I've got Internet access and/or knitting to occupy myself with, that is.

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